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To all the ANIMES I've loved before...

 I know, the title is so original. But yes, this post is all about Anime. -All those shows, AND fictional crushes I've had over the years.  This DEFINITELY was not me watching The "To all the boys I've loved before" movie and deciding to turn it into this blog post or anything. Speaking OF that, It's a perfect movie. There are so, SO many anime boys and girls that are just super cool. And not just anime (Ahem, Sherlock, Hermione, Harry Potter and Arthur Pendragon from Merlin -That sword spinning is just amazing! Just to name a few.)  Back on topic, here are the animes and characters that I'll be talking about :)  -Ash Ketchum (Pokemon :D ) -And Goh! -The MHA Golden Trio of Deku (Midoryia) Kaachan (Bakugo) and Shoto Todoroki <3  -VALT AOI AND SHU KURENAI! (OK, I'm a BIG Beyblade simp, uh, FAN!) Oh, and I'll give Wakiya a mention too :) It's just too sad they're fictional...  Anyway. Let's start with Ash. (SO Sorry if I start fangirling!)

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